Acceptance key points of UV air spraying automatic coating line
Time:2012-10-22 14:02:30

At present, many companies use UV air spray automatic coating line (line), how to accept the UV automatic coating line is worth discussing. Let me start with a few points:

1. Whether the line is running smoothly;

2. Whether the exhaust air system is normal (such as the monitoring of wind direction and velocity between each tuyere and each region, etc., and the design of exhaust air pipe is reasonable);

3. Whether the cleanliness, temperature and humidity of each area are up to standard and controllable;

4. Whether the temperature of preheating and baking is within a reasonable range and controllable;

5. Confirmation of spray gun and UV lamp (number and type, etc., whether the UV energy is up to standard and controllable);

6. Whether the coating is thorough and excessive in UV curing;

7. Whether the yield rate of the products tested is qualified.

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