Some repair shops in Chongqing introduced environmental protection water-based paint
Time:2012-10-22 14:01:11

Chongqing has introduced a new environmentally-friendly water-based paint that is good for both painters and car owners, the city's transportation authority said at the finals of the city's auto maintenance competition on Oct. 21. Traditional paint is generally solvent-based paint, added curing agent, diluent and other solvents, will emit a kind of VOC (volatile organic compounds). It has chronic harm to the respiratory system, cardiovascular system and nervous immune system, and is also one of the main culprits causing acid rain, light fog and other environmental problems. Chongqing transportation management bureau maintenance said that water-based paint with deionized water instead of those harmful solvents, both to reduce the discharge of harmful substances, odor is also greatly reduced, at the same time, spray effect or, the price cost is the same as traditional paint. At present, some repair shops in Chongqing are already using water-based paint.

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