Brand new Jiajie, take advantage of the sailing
Time:2012-04-21 14:14:55

Five years, a short time tunnel; Five years, how many Jager people's efforts; Thanks for the hard work of all Jiajia people and the support of all Jiajia buyers over the years. In the future, we will accumulate more and accumulate more and set sail continuously. In order to cooperate with jiajia's new five-year plan, comprehensively improve the company's management, and ensure the realization of the company's strategic objectives, the new management mode of Jiajia Company was officially launched in 2012 after continuous summary and innovation, which will herald a more infinite and better future for Jiajia company.

At the beginning of 2012, with the efforts of all the management personnel, based on the company's strategic planning and for the purpose of realizing the company's strategic deployment, the company organized and designed several functional departments according to the degree of business connection and the idea of professional division of labor. The company has positioned the detailed responsibilities of each functional department, defined posts, and specified the responsibilities and requirements of each post in detail, that is, the company's new "Management Manual" has been issued and implemented.

In April 2012, in the bearing previously enacted on the basis of "management handbook", in order to further improve the company's management system, the company's management foundation, through the efforts of the various departments, once again issued a new "management system", issued by the related functional departments including the work system, the relevant rules and regulations and detailed flow chart of each work. This will be an important moment in the development process of Jiajia Company, and it will open a new page in the development of Jiajia company. The implementation of the new management mode embodies the strength of all Jiajia employees, and will open a new chapter for all employees to strive for advancement, be proactive and keep innovating.

In 2012, Jiajia will take advantage of the new opportunity to sail.

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