Congratulations to Jiajie Machinery for winning the title of "2011 Top Ten National Coating Brand"
Time:2012-10-23 14:13:20

The "Innovation, Development, Responsibility and Influence" 2010 China Coating Industry Summit Forum and the 4th China Coating Industry Top 10 Awards Ceremony held by HCCONg Surface Treatment Network was held at 13:30 PM on June 5 in Shanghai intercontinental Hotel. More than 200 senior personnel from domestic and foreign coating industry attended the grand award ceremony, jointly witnessed the birth of the award for the top ten excellent coating enterprises.

Best appraisal industry provides a dynamic research, technical communication and product innovation results show platform, honor to make a significant contribution to the Chinese coating industry, has great impetus brand and enterprise brand influence and industry, more important is to make the enterprise in the face of crisis, to pay more attention to market responsibility, pay attention to internal work practice.

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