Guangzhou Jiajie Machinery Equipment Co., LTD., the 6th top ten enterprises in the Coating industry of, is listed on the list
Time:2012-09-28 16:42:47 Surface Treatment: on the afternoon of September 26, 2012, the 6th Top 10 Awards ceremony was held in Headquarters base · Park. After 5 months of selection, dozens of powerful enterprises emerged from thousands of candidates, the mystery was finally unveiled one by one, many industry experts and industry representatives and representatives of big buyers gathered together to share the peak moment.

Under the common witness of many painting industry colleagues and media, the awards were announced.

Top 10 suppliers for pre-processing in 2011

• Hangzhou Wuyuan Technology Industrial Co., LTD

• Huizhou Hongya Metal Treatment Co., LTD

• Shanghai Chemetall Chemicals Co., LTD

• Leifu Chemical Co., LTD

• Shanghai Packard Rose Essence Co., LTD

• Huizhou Pude Chemical Co., LTD

• Kunshan Qingfeng Fine Chemical Co., LTD

• Anhui Future Surface Technology Co., LTD

• Shanghai Yinshen Surface Technology Co., LTD

Top 10 industrial paint brands in 2011

• Akzo Nobel Management (Shanghai) Co., LTD

• Hangzhou Chuanhua Coating Co., LTD

• Dajin Fluoro coatings (Shanghai) Co., LTD

• Dubang Huajia Chemical Co., LTD

• Haojin International (Hk) Co., LTD

• Jiangsu Huaguang Powder Co., LTD

• Tiger Powder Coating Manufacturing (Taicang) Co., LTD

• Zhongshan Musashi paint Co., LTD

• Foshan Yajia New Energy-saving Polymer Materials Co., LTD

2011 top ten Painting enterprises

• Dongguan Chuangjie Machinery Equipment Co., LTD

• Ningbo Yinzhou Licheng Coating Equipment Co., LTD

• Mingquan Automation Equipment (Kunshan) Co., LTD

• Suzhou Shenmao Environmental Protection Technology Co., LTD

• Wujiang Weiran Electrostatic Painting Equipment Factory

• Yunlong Brothers Mechanical Parts Factory, Yinzhou District, Ningbo city

2011 Coating foreign (regional) brands

• Agesel Spraying equipment (Shanghai) Co., LTD

• Aberdeen Industrial Painting (Shanghai) Co., LTD

• Rek (Hong Kong) Co., LTD. Shanghai Representative office

• Jinma Coating (Shanghai) Co., LTD

• Zhenchen (Nanjing) Technology Engineering Co., LTD

• Nordson (China) Co. LTD

Top ten National Coating brands in 2011

• Wuxi New Environmental Protection Equipment Co., LTD

• Dongguan Chuangzhi Coating Equipment Engineering Co., LTD

• Guangzhou Jiajie Machinery Equipment Co., LTD

• Yongkang Lefuer Coating Equipment Co., LTD

• Kunshan Ruipuxin Painting Machinery Co., LTD

• Guangdong Yutong Industry Co., LTD

• Wuxi Yunyun Painting Equipment Co., LTD

• Chongqing Yangtze River Coating Equipment Co., LTD

2011 Outstanding Painting Engineering Enterprise Award

• Dongguan Fengyu Motor Co., LTD

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